This information is given as a service and tribute to the Blackfoot Nation and by permission of Pablo Russell.

Words from the Elders to reflect on:

Most people would learn from their mistakes if they werent so busy denying them

Information speaks to the head
Communication engages the heart

Respect is earn by 
-thinking the best of people
-treat others with care for their feelings and wellbeing
-appreciate your strenghts
-have boundaries
-talk about what you care about
-listen really listen
-live your values
-keep your word
-be comfortable in your own skin
-focus on solutions not blame
-seek and share knowledge
-express gratitude and praise the work of others
-find the joy in everything

If you do this it will come back to you.

"You can be as traditional as they get, know the stories, the songs, and suffer for the people... but if you cannot stop gossiping, bringing people down, treating them like they are below you... our traditions mean nothing."

"3 types of people to surround yourself with
The inspired
The excited 
The greatful

Complexity is your enemy any fool can make something complicated . Its hard to make something simple"

words from Charles W Sideti, BCC

"They say love is blind I disagree.
Infatuation is blind love is all seeing and accepting. Love is accepting the flaws and blemishes and accepting them. Love is accepting the bad habbits and mannerisms and working around them. Love is recognizing all the fears and insecurities and knowing your role is to comfort. Love is working through all the challenges and painful times. Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life is not perfect. love is strong and strengthens because it is real.
by Charles W Sideti, BCC

Testimonials from Denmark 2015

Going into the sweat lodge ceremony was a very powerful experience. Right from the start of the ceremony I felt very welcome and part of a larger community. During the ceremony Pablo managed to create an atmosphere where we all felt safe, secure and able to get help needed for the process, each of us was going through. At the same time Pablo had a deep respect and empathy for the individual. Sweat lodge ceremony has helped to balance and relax me and I managed to let go of some old patterns and emotions that I no longer need. Likewise I have got a better connection between myself and Mother Earth.
After the ceremony I felt cleansed, very tired and somehow new born.
Thanks for a wonderful learning and good experience. I highly recommend Pablos sweat lodges to anyone interested in personal and spiritual development.
See you soon

Yours sincerely

For two years I have tried to fit in my schedule to meet Pablo Russell in person. It finally happened the 3rd of May at a Healing Circle in Vejle.
It was great to finally meet him. He is a fantastic person with a great knowledge. Tells quietly and with a smile about how we humans can learn from - and help - each other. He must be experienced, there is so much in his words. 
I certainly want to meet him again.
Channe Juliet Svane
Egebjerg Kær

I had the great pleasure of participating in a sweat lodge ceremony with the Blackfoot indian Pablo Russell in May in Bredsten, Denmark.
It was an extremely intense experience to sit sweat-dripping and very packed in the dark listening to Pablo’s calm voice and insightful messages, followed by drums and Indian songs; it mentally took me back in time to the North American plains - surrounded by tribal members.
Pablo has together with his Danish and German sundancers created a loving and welcoming environment where I felt very welcome. It is an experience I can warmly recommend other adventurous and spiritual seeking people.

Mads Winkel Olsen

My Meeting with the Red Road

Kristina Aamand

Wild Warmth

I have always been attracted to warm spaces - steam baths, hot yoga, yes I have even gone as far as to peel off the bathroom in a small appartement to build a Finnish sauna. One day I googled “sweat lodge”. Honestly, I don’t know why? Coincidentally - if coincidences exist, Pablo Russells website showed up, and there were a a sweat in 14 days with Stefan Kobler. I signed up without knowing anything about indians, ancestors or the Womb of the Earth. In order to better describe my meeting with The Red Road I must tell you a little bit about myself. I have a Danish mother and a Palestinian father. I grew up between two cultures, two religions and have my whole life been very critical to believe systems and views upon life, which is created and written by men and for men. And my critical sense was aroused when it was suggested that I should wear a long dress, and not to menstruate and that the men should go into the sweat first. That I have to admit. Until I sat in the heat, and the dress protected my skin, the woman who sat next to me put her hand soothing on my hand, and when the heat rose the power of the ritual got clear, abundantly clear in the hot dark lodge, I was humbled.

You can not make any mistakes if you do not know the rules… 

There are som rituals surrounding the sweat lodge as for first timers can occur … exotic. You are afraid of making mistakes, nervous about what to expect in the lodge, and all senses aroused. I was greeted by an incredible hospitality, care and openness. And it was said: “It is alright. You cannot make mistakes if you don’t know the rules”. As the phrase sank in, I could enjoy being a novice. And I lived every second in the meeting with people who all want the best for each other, the red-hot stones, the songs, the drums and the stories.

It sneaked under my “critical layers of skin” and landed right in the bullet of my heart. And I had to go back again. The second time I was in the sweat lodge I was challenged. I was in a difficult phase in my life, and the first minutes of the lodge was filled with fear. I wanted to go out. But instead of letting the feeling of panic run away with me, I took a deep breath and thought of Stefans words: This is the safest place you can be - the womb of Mother Earth. It taught me, that I can get through discomfort, stronger and more proud.

The Harsh Buffalo

The third time I met Pablo Russell. An unpretentious man who made an indelible impression on me. I attended the sweat lodge. This time I felt relatively competent, and although the heat was on, it was a celebration. I took part in the healing circle, and it became more clear to me why the Red Road has got a place in my heart and why I want to know more, learn more and live more with the teachings of the Red Road. An example: There are both the Creator and Mother Earth. The feminine and masculine - and none is more valuable than the other! These are two sides of the same coin, and a match made in heaven - if you ask me. The meeting with Pablo Russell gave me something to think about. And something to work with. His way of being in the world, with humor and seriousness, is an inspiration and a gift - if you are ready to open up and use it. For in my case, the answer I have found in the dark while I listened and learned from both Stefan and Pablo's words, was not what I wanted to find. Far from! For it meant that I had to make changes in my life. Severe changes. But the Red Road has taught me that a buffalo does not face the bum to the storm. It confronts the harsh winds front on, and battle through. It's a beautiful image and a strong narrative that makes sense in a humans life, with sun, wind and changing minds.

From my heart thank you and “Hey” from here.

Kristina Aamand

Feedback about the ceminar "The way to healing by the buffalo"

April 2012 Germany

I got to know the seminar "the way to healing by the buffalo" more or less by chance. I didn´t have any idea what it would e like but since I am an open-minded person I wanted to give it a try if I could get in.

There I met a lot of likeable people who made me feel at home immediately. As for Pablo I got the impression that through his mere pesence he gave us a feeling of power and calmness. As soon as he started to talk we felt that he lives what he is talking about.............................Read More >>>>

Feedback eveninglecture Austria 2010

David, 31,  IT-Administrater

I was very critical at the beginning, because we hear lot good and negative things about shamans in Europe. The more I was astonished about the lecture which explained the fine line between spirituality and earthiness. The themes which in our degree of latitude belongs more to psychology has completed it and the practice reports have made it to “psychology in action”.
On the spiritual side it was very interesting to learn about the importance of our roots and where they come from. Alone in my research over the last few weeks have shown how strong we are "hanging in the air" actually. On one example of Pablo’s own life he has shown in a wonderful way that you can combine things. For example church, faith, spirituality and nature-religion. Only this example has moved me a lot. ........Read More >>>>

Recommandation from Doctor med and psychotherapist

Andrea, 48, doctor of medicine and psychotherapist.

I first met Pablo in Vienna about one year ago and then in 3 further seminars afterwards. Everything Pablo said in his presentation of the Medicine Wheel was in perfect accordance with my psychological knowledge .........Read more >>>

CAPC Attendee Feedback Form Date June 16th

CAPC Attendee Feedback Form Date June 16th. ....... Read more >>>>
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