Pablo Russell offers

In addition to participating in the events advertised on the page here, it is possible to book Pablo Russell to host private lectures and workshops in companies, schools and other institutions, for example.
The events are tailored to your needs, purpose, and audience.
Pablo Russell is widely known for his efforts to maintain the ancient Indian traditions and ceremonies – he works to be faithful to the original ways that the ceremonies have been held for in generations.

That is why you when attending one of his events are guaranteed a very vibrant and authentic experience of the prairie’s old Indian culture.
His English is very easy-to-understand.

If you have specific interests and ideas for a certain event, where it might be exciting to involve Pablo Russell, feel free to contact one of our coordinators and get an unobtrusive talk about the possibilities.

Who is Pablo Russell addressing:
Pablo Russell is an international lecturer, a skilled storyteller, historian, health consultant, herbal medicine and spiritual counselor. He embraces a wide audience with his life skills, from little children / school students, workplaces as well as to senior management in companies.
His work ranges from consultations with the individual to lectures and workshops for small and large groups of hundreds of people.
The events are spiced with tales and anecdotes from the life of the prairie. There may be lectures on the culture or of a specific professional nature, for example, workshops with teaching in the medicine wheel for personal and / or spiritual development.

The basis for his work is that it is based on the ancient Indian traditions, on the philosophy of following the baffalo through the storms of life, taking responsibility for yourself and your life.


Schools and institutions
For example, Pablo can be involved in the theme days of the individual classes or lectures at the school

Topics he has talked about with great success:
▪ The life of the prairie as Indians, the common language of the Indians, Teepees, the animals on the prairie.
▪ What can we learn from animals and nature?
▪ Find the warrior in yourself.

▪ What should I be when I grow up? Vision Quest – The traditional way for the teenagers to find their way of life.

-To accept myself and others. How do we treat each other. (Bullying and consequences of Bullying).

In his work at the Glennbow Museum, Calgary, Pablo has taught over 32,000 schoolchildren in the Indian heritage.

Prisons & Institutions for unsuitable young people.
Pablo works in prison Remand Center Calgary, where he works as a consultant for the inmates.
He has an invaluable ability to reach people wherever they are, it can be in conversation person to person or in groups.

Alcohol and abuse centers, detoxification groups
The social work with his own people in Alberta is part of Pablo’s work experience.
Here he has extensive experience with the work at alcohol and abuse centers, where topics such as identity, self-esteem and spirituality are often the top priority subjects.

Doctors, nurses, and therapists / therapists
Pablo does lectures and workshops for people to whom everyday life consists of helping others. How do you take care of yourself? – about self-help and self-care.
In addition, he is a pioneer in his work as being one of the first full-time herbal medicine and traditional healer employed by the hospital, under Alberta Healthcare.
For several years, Pablo Russell has been employed at the hospital and with his traditional approach to healing, teaches and advises both staff and patients.

Universities, Interest organizations and Conferences
He teaches people in personal and spiritual development, at schools and universities, and in interest organizations.
For a number of years, Pablo Russell has been invited as one of the main speakers at the esoteric fair INFOMED in Munich.
Watch video with Pablo Russell: link to the video from the INFOMED 2017

Businesses, management & organizations
Throughout the last 20 years, Pablo has taught internationally in leadership, coaching and mental health.
Pablo has led his own people for the past 25 years, he is the leader of the “Path of the Buffalo” sun dance at the reserve, Alberta, Canada.
He has, with his knowledge of the traditional Indian way of conducting an interesting angle of organization and leadership – it can be in the form of lectures or workshops for leaders and middle managers.
It could also be organized as a long-standing process, for example, by initiating and teaching a new structure in the organization, based on the original “family structure”.