Sweat lodge in Herisau

There are sweats monthly  for anyone interest by heart

- conducted by Stefan Kobler

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Dates for the next sweat lodge:

Will be posted here very soon....



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the sweat lodge and the Path of the Buffalo.

"My Meeting with the Red Road" >>




Stefan Kobler in Herisau



Stefan has more than 15 years of experience in conducting sweats and runs a traditional sweat lodge in Herisau, close to St. Gallen in the north eastern part of Switzerland.

Stefan Kobler has been following the so called red road since 1996, he sun danced for four years in a small Sundance on Pine Ridge Reserve, South Dakota.

His meeting with Pablo Russell in 1998 made him continue his path first at late Morris Crows Sundance and later Pablo Russells "Path of the Buffalo Sundance" Here he got adopted into the family Russells.

Today he functions as the leader of the European group of sun dancers.


Stefan Kobler grew up in Switzerland and stills lives here with his family today.

He makes his living as an electrician/elektronics installer